Acquisition of Legg Brothers Ltd

Steel Business Briefing - 2007

Laurence McDougall and John Thompson, owners of UK steel companies All Steels Trading Ltd and Tomrods Ltd have bought Legg Brothers Ltd, which is a leading hot re-roller of special steel sections and profiles.

The Legg Brothers mill has a production capacity in the region of 10,000 tonnes per annum.  By using a combination of automated production and manual hand rolling, Legg Brothers has established a niche in the marketplace whereby it can produce small batches of special sizes in an extremely efficient manner.  By comparison, today’s modern, fully automated, continuous rolling mills are designed for large, high volume production runs where size changing and set up time is slow, expensive and therefore, prohibitive.

Legg Brothers humble beginnings date back to 1982 when two brothers (Mike Legg & Pat Legg) started their steel re-rolling enterprise in Sheffield with the aid of venture capitalist funding.  Since the incorporation of the Company the business has undergone several changes and moves to facilitate its expansion. Today it is located in the industrial heartlands of the UK – Ettingshall, West Midlands.

Whilst now under new ownership the business remains true to its motto “THE FAMILY BUSINESS THAT CARES”.