All Steels' Hot Chilli Competition!

It's been an interesting few months at the Thirsk office watching each All Steels colleague taking great care of their given chilli plant in the hope of being crowned either the winner/owner of the best looking chilli plant or the winner/owner of the chilli plant bearing the biggest chilli!

As you can imagine there's a fine line between under or over watering such a plant as well as ensuring the plant is left to grow in the right light conditions and pruned when necessary! However, it's fair to say that all colleagues were extremely keen to participate in the challenge set by All Steels' green-fingered Managing Director, who had grown the set of originally all identical chilli plants from seeds. 

We are very grateful to Dr Sophia McDougall & Dr Jim Dunnill (chilli plant growing aficionados) who kindly volunteered to come along to the All Steels office to act as independent judges for the All Steels chilli plant growing competition. They arrived with calibrated weighing scales, and duly marked each anonymous office grown chilli plant in accordance with the set of pre-determined criteria.
Without further ado here are the Judges' declared results:

Best looking chilli plant winner -
Lee White (Export Sales Director)
Lee's chilli plant certainly had the greatest considered wow factor ie excellent symmetry, thickest stem, healthiest looking leaves, highest number of chillies etc!  

Largest chilli winner -
In fact Lee's plant also bore the single biggest chilli in recorded mass (7g), but the rules of the competition dictated that a colleague could only win in one category of the competition! Hence, the judges declared Jon Jacobs' (Operations Director) and Adam Grant's (Business Development Manager) chilli plants joint winners in this particular category, as each of their plants bore a chilli of 6g in recorded mass respectively.

It's hoped that the token prize money awarded to the All Steels competition winners in each category coupled with the healthy competitive fun and banter experienced along the way here will inspire our colleagues to continue to develop their green-fingered skills even further! However, all of our colleagues can now also take their chili plants home and enjoy the fruits/chillies of their labours!