Friday 13th Not So Unlucky for All Steels Trading!

All Steels Trading were happy to take a risk on a historically unlucky day and entered a team in the NEASS Annual Golf Competition, which took place this year on Friday 13th September on the Cheshire Course at Carden Park.

The challenging course reminiscent of the finest British heathland golf courses offered a wealth of natural hazards! However, despite this and some tough competition coming from the likes of rival sister company Tomrods’ team The All Steels Trading players kept their cool and triumphantly secured the First Team Prize with a winning score of 81 points. The All Steels Trading Team comprised the following members: Managing Director Laurence McDougall with guests Steve Unwin & Ian Hardy from Caparo Merchant Bar & Alan Burton from 247 Design & Print. 

The team can now all look forward to playing 18 complimentary holes on the PGA National course at the Belfry as well as a 30 minute lesson with a Senior Teaching Professional at the Golf Club. The huge applause doesn’t end there because in addition to the victorious First Team Prize Managing Director Laurence McDougall also skilfully won the Individual Winner Prize on the day! So we now have two beautiful new trophies to add to the collection in the Boardroom at Thirsk in recognition of All Steels Trading’s sporting as well as steel trading know-how!