Welcome to AST's New Video Production!

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new video production, which highlights our company's ethos and leading attributes!  The new AST audio-visual production can be seen by simply clicking on the link/s below:



In the main the video production focuses on our new/dedicated portside warehousing at Groveport Logistics, which is serviced with ultra-modern remote control cranes to maximise inside storage capacity.  Key video facets:

• All material is stored inside including heavy sections to maintain new/blue looking steel.

• Whilst retaining original mill labels all of All Steels Trading’s material is colour coded by grade as an added measure for quality recognition and traceability purposes.

• AST’s stock offering also includes a large mix of high yield steels incorporating materials with good low temperature impact properties for offshore type applications.

• Material with shipbuilding certification also forms part of AST’s stock range.

• AST also offers steel products of a more specialised nature, which includes material, manufactured by AST’s own sister companies.