Yorkshire’s Top 500 Companies For 2013

Yorkshire Business Insider Vol.16 No.7 July 2013 – Guide to the Top 500 Companies

All Steels Trading is proud to announce that we have moved up the rankings in this prestigious annually published list!

We are clearly highlighted in position 292 of the Yorkshire Business Insider's Top 500 data table.

How the Top 500 Works – The performance of a company is measured by a combination of their turnover and profitability. Companies are ranked first by turnover and then again by pre-tax profit. The two rankings are then averaged and the top 500 are drawn in order from that list. Only companies with a registered office in the region are included and all figures are taken from the latest returns at Companies House.

All Steels Trading is also delighted to report that we have been successful again this year in getting into Yorkshire Business Insider’s ‘Top 25 Most Productive List’ where we have been ranked 23rd for 2013.